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InterDC has an open network policy, meaning that any internet/network provider can establish themselves in our datacenter. This gives you the option to choose from a broad selection of internet/network providers within our datacenter.

Tier 3

Our datacenter meets the Tier 3 requirements. All components are N+1 at minimum

InterDC is a carrier neutral datacenter, meaning that every telecom, carrier or network provider is welcome in our datacenter.

Thereby the datacenter is connected via 4 geographic redundant fibers, these fibers connects InterDC to Equinix Enschede, Previder PDC2 (Hengelo), Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. From these locations we can provide multiple connections between them. We can also provide a connection to AMS-IX, NL-IX and ND-IX internet exchanges.

It is possible to connect to the local providers directly located in our datacenter. In case of wanting to connect to another provider which is not located at our site, we can deliver a private connection to the site where your provider is located.


Available networks

The following companies are situated in our datacenter and have a 'network' status.

Breedband Nederland

With many providers you are a number as a customer and the service is not inspiring. That is why we started the provider where we ourselves would like to be a customer. At Breedband Netherlands we are passionate about what we do. We always go to the extreme for our customers and we don't give up when things get complicated.

More information: www.breedband.nl

Bright Access

Bright Access staat voor een probleemloos en betrouwbaar glasvezelnetwerk voor bedrijven. Het is onze missie om glasvezel letterlijk en figuurlijk binnen het bereik te brengen van het MKB. Wij vinden dat een glasvezelaansluiting een nutsvoorziening is, net zo onontbeerlijk als een water- of elektriciteitsaansluiting.

More information: www.brightaccess.nl


Eurofiber is an independent and specialist in providing fiber-based connections.

More information: www.eurofiber.nl


InterRacks is an Internet Service Provider with a high quality network at multiple locations. InterRacks delivers IP transit and IP space for internet connections. InterRacks also provides colocation space.

More information: www.interracks.com


InTouch Software Defined Network (SDN), converged infrastructures and WIFI services help IT to meet the business requirements.
InTouch operates a diverse array of network infrastructures for which it became finalist at the Cisco Live! Innovation Awards as Cisco Most Innovative SP Service Offering Project of the year 2010.

More information: intouch.eu


NDIX is a platform for broadband infrastructure and IT services. NDIX has several functions:
Digital marketplace, Internet Exchange, Platform for broadband interconnections and Platform for knowledge transfer

More information: www.ndix.net


Tele2 is a European telecommunications operator headquartered in the Kista Science City, Stockholm, Sweden. It is a major telephone operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries and an alternative provider in many others, with about 17 million customers in 8 countries.

More information: www.tele2.nl


TReNT Glasvezel is uniek door haar eigen glasvezelnetwerk in Oost Nederland. Inmiddels reikt dit netwerk over een groot gedeelte van de provincies Gelderland en Overijssel.

More information: www.trentglasvezel.nl


Internet exchanges

InterDC is connected to the following internet exchanges:
  • InterRacks C.V.
  • Josinkstraat 28
  • 7547AB Enschede
  • Nederland
  • InterDC
  • Josinkstraat 30
  • 7547AB Enschede
  • Nederland
Bank info
Bank: ING
City: Enschede
Country: Nederland
IBAN: NL11INGB0004893569
Chamber of commerce
Chamber of commerce: 08135503
Region: Veluwe en Twente
Vat number: NL8147.47.796.B01