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Friendship is essentially a partnership
- Aristotle


InterDC has an open network policy, which means that any internet/network provider can establish themselfs in our datacenter. This gives you the option to choose from a broad selection of internet/network providers within our datacenter.


Looking for a product or service? Visit one of our partners today!

The following companies have established themselves in our datacenter and can deliver various services.


IceHosting is a hosting company founded in 2004. Their services range from webhosting and domain registration to complete managed servers.

More information: www.icehosting.nl


Magdeveloper is a hosting and development company specialized in Magento development and optimization.
Magdeveloper offers a total solution for the development of Magento and integration projects, hosting and webdesign.
In 2010 Magdevelop was nominated for the most innovative company top 200 by Shell Livewire.

More information: www.magdeveloper.com

Mangelot Hosting

Mangelot Hosting is a hosting company, founded in 2004.
The services Mangelot Hosting offers range from webhosting, domain registration to VPS services

More information: www.mangelot-hosting.nl

Nubix BV

Nubix is an independent provider of IT services. On location, in the cloud but also the middle way hybrid. We offer the customer a specific central solution but also quality, sustainability, availability and functionality.

More information: www.nubix.nl


No description available

More information: www.parte-ict.nl

XSCDN International

XSCDN International provides scalable Internet applications and temporary capacity for high traffic websites using caching technology: images, stylesheets, javascript, audio downloads and video files (possibly streaming).

More information: www.xscdn.net


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