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Network equipment arrived

Friday 11 February 2011

The network equipment arrived from the USA today. The equipment is going to be used to make internet possible on our new datacenter location, connecting our datacenter to Amsterdam.
The brand of the equipment is Brocade, and are mainly routers (ipv4 and ipv6 capable).

Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Haven
  • Josinkstraat 30
  • 7547AB Enschede
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Enschede
  • InterDC Enschede Marssteden
  • Marssteden 110
  • 7547TD Enschede
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Hengelo
  • InterDC Hengelo
  • Sherwood Rangers 1
  • 7551KW Hengelo
  • The Netherlands
Datacenter Doetinchem
  • InterDC Doetinchem
  • Gildenbroederslaan 1
  • 7005BM Doetinchem
  • The Netherlands